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Humble Monthly



  • Genesis is very different to the other Darksiders games just FYI. It plays totally different to the point it's barely the same genre. It's also on Game Pass, all platforms.

  • That's fine, it's in my backlog. As are so many other things from humble. :D

    Got into Humble for Battletech - I guess I should go through what I've played for my money's worth to date. There are entire months I haven't played any of the offered titles. Looking back before they changed the sub format the way they presented what you were getting was a bit muck in terms of going to retrieve Keys etc. and I'm not discussing keys I activated but haven't played. Maybe someone else can lobby what I should be playing next:

    Battletech - loved it, front to back, but is too repetitive in its own right, especially the low range of maps and missions for a game otherwise designed to give you ostensibly worlds upon worlds of unique experiences. But nope it's like being on a sci fi show: you can stargate to any planet you want as long as it's filmable in Vancouver. Here though there's no such limit and there should be no excuse not to have 100s of premades or to do things more procedurally, or, to keep the game more narrowly focused on a smaller sector of planets and don't oversell it.

    I have in yesteryears played through Shenmue I and part of II so I guess I'll count that, but I haven't activated these keys, or III for that matter which dropped last month.

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider: haven't actually played it yet but since it was a sequel I went back to get the first Tomb Raider in this IP series. 100 %'d Tomb Raider and sort of took a break on Rise of, it throws a lot more content but in a way that isn't as tight as the first game in the series, so I wound up paused somewhere not strongly motivated between multiple choices on what to do next :p

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider War: Epicly fun, somewhat strange ending, but I can see myself doing a complete re-playthrough. I did the elf DLC and I have the other DLC I just haven't gone into that zone, I kinda burned out on gratuitous orc related violence by then.

    Frostpunk: I can't recommend this game enough, for a city builder it's utterly fantastic, and lethal cold as a mechanic is still as threatening but not nearly as frustrating as dealing with mechanics like Townsmen where you would have tower defense from bandit raids etc. and be attacked by some type of enemy. I have played most of the scenarios through from the DLC as well and can only heap praise on it. The last scenario just added, On The Edge, left me frustrated the other week but my OH wanted to see what the game was about - we went back to play a New Home together which was really handy as I'm a scatterbrain and she would keep me on task, and also, disallow me from recruiting child labor. We got the good ending.

    Cryofall: I ran it for a few minutes that month and said 'yeah okay whatever,' added their discord etc. - their 1.0 version just launched last week, the servers got a wipe so I gave it a look. There's stuff to do, there's quests in the corner to carry you a long, but then it turns out that's the game, as far as I can tell. You'll appreciate this title more if you're a social butterfly (PvE) or sociopath (PvP) but it's a forage/mining/crafting came whose differential is the persistent MMO map (a few hundred people per server) and the player's ability to put claims on land, etc. so there appears to be a good bit of thought about anti-griefing. As it's designed with persistency there is 'decay' ie. if you don't log in for more than 4 or so days your buildings start to deteriorate until they are destroyed, including your land claim which is represented by a 1 tile building at the claim center. That's also the building that players will try to destroy in PvP if you don't log in soon enough for your building to become vulnerable to offline attack. I only wish it was a bit clearer what if any purpose was, what you are all supposed to PvE'ing, or even why the name CryoFall, as I have no idea that it has anything to do with winter or cryogenics. Either way, decent low intensity MMO experience but even casually I don't think I'll keep up with popping in twice a week.

    WarstoneTD: It's not as captivating as Bloons but it's a Bloonsalike so you'd play it for that reason.

    Jurrassic World Evolution: DLC all looks poor for this but on it's own it's a above-standard and fun city builder so long as that prick from Security doesn't open ALL the FENCES, AGAIN, ONCE RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER. I was literally UPSET. Play this.

    40k Gladius: Played an hour of this. Just made me want to play more Frostpunk with its hinging upon choose your own path mechanics, but ultimately it's meh, yet another 40k game. They have really whored out the licensing for that franchise, and it's reflected by the scattershot range of games they make - none of which are ever designed to give you a solo tabletop equivalent, which of course, would undermine their entire business. But can I at least have a sequel to Firewarrior?

    Rise of Industry: I was told it was decent but technically by OH gifted this one to her own account and I never got to it. In her defense I was embroiled in Satisfactory. Production chain games are fun, right?

    Void Bastards: fun roguelike looter shooter, with a comical premise and smashing British personalities. However, it can be overly repetitive, made all the more repetitive depending on how often you die only to assume the role of the next hapless meatsack prisoner. It's fun but it got too frustrating for the lack of progress I was earning in terms of rewards etc. to move forward, so left constantly to grind/farm.

    Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: feels like a tabletop game, like you would expect X-Wing or Battlefleet Gothic to play as on the computer if translated from the table. It uses some map and territory control mechanics that are mirrored in other titles above I was already burned out on so I gave this little time. I'd say it does a good job of making you feel like your forces are stretched thin, but I'm not sure if that's intentional or I just kept doing badly and was losing the war too soon, because it felt like rather than progress forward I was stuck in an endless loop of responding to pokes at remote outposts. Is fun, but the gameplay overlapped with some titles I had already recently burned out on, eg. Endless Space, just staring at amorphous maps full of nodes and pathways all the time.

    Beat Hazard 2: Long ago had BH1. Spotify integration sure feels jerry-rigged but it works. Title is fun but if you're looking for senseless shooting scrolling action I'm sure there are more truly engaging titles out there. This one is fun because it's procedural generation and mechanics are seeded by the music you put on.

    X-Morph Defense: a unique take on tower defense. I really liked this one, and EXOR Studios looks very savvy, they use their own game engine and have built upon it from title to title. They are currently developing Riftbreaker, which based upon the demo is an extremely dialed to 11 title that takes some cues from X-Morph in that you are a one man army with a plethora of weapons that are practically identical, but reapplied. Would recommend X Morph, good TD title good special sauce. I'm watching this Studio's career with great interest.

    Genesis Alpha One Deluxe: Looks like a quake mod but it also plays like a quake mod. It's devilishly fun to a point. Repetitive moreso than other titles in my log but it does it so well. It plays like a Ridley Scott movie, you will be dropping turrets in crawlspaces to stop alien critters from spawning all up in your business and such, as well as be under threat from boarding by legitimately threatening boarding raids. I would recommend this title. If it had more endgame content I'd be all up into that.

    Automachef: got around to it finally the other day. Not really the factory fix I thought it would be, you set up for specific puzzles, so it feels more like a mobile game. Also, some of the challenge criteria are so tight its ridiculous to the point where they feel backwards - eg. you need to make 50 burgers in X seconds but only using this much time and this many ingredients - so there's only one correct solution, practically, and that solution may require you to actually throttle down some of your machines, etc. and I disliked that premise.

    Townsmen a Kingdom Rebuilt: another decent city builder, primitive but pleasing sprite style. It's decent and I think the seasonal mechanics are excellent but it still feels just a bit too shallow, needing more depth and endgame content. Plays fairly short.

    Overcooked 2: Already have it on Switch. On there, it's gas fun. On PC I'd have my suspicions

    PC Building Simulator: yep, that's a PC building simulator. Doesn't do anything horribly wrong, and you can actually get into an enjoyable rhythm in career mode.

    Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: last up and current play. Very good at what it says on the tin though I will say even on the hardest difficulty the AI still seem to be pretty damn stupid at times. There are 5 maps to complete, one of which could take you a day to complete the first time depending on your goals or style. I've added the upcoming sequel to my Wishlist.

    Overall: I feel like I've received Fair value for my subscription and will continue.

  • Have exodus so not a great month for me


    Not a bad month if you never had Civ VI as it includes both expansions too. Ikenfell, Stubbs the Zombie, Worms Rumble and Secret Neighbour

  • has anybody had their June payment taken yet?

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  • I actually remembered to pause it this month. :)


    Paradise Killer has been on my radar for a while.

  • I've been a HB subcriber for a few months now and normally I just redeemed every game on the Choice selection and never thought anything of it.

    But I noticed this month's games are not really my cup of tea at all bar maybe 2.

    If I redeemed 2 games out of 12, does that mean when the next roll of games come in, I can still redeem 10 of those? Or how does it work?

  • I've still got multiple months of games when I forgot to pause it and haven't redeemed them. Still get the full amount of games each time

  • August games:

    • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    • Last Oasis
    • Superliminal
    • Out of Space
    • We Need To Go Deeper
    • Carto
    • As Far as The Eye
    • Cepheus Protocol
    • Drake Hollow
    • Nowhere Prophet
    • Blue Fire
    • Encodya

    Seem to be a few there that I remember hearing positive things about like Bloodstained, Superliminal and Blue Fire

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  • no big AA or AAA games though

  • None of them looked enticing off the bat. Maybe I'll come back to them but this month was a letdown.

  • Found it's been the case for the last few months if I'm honest.

  • And I’m alright with a dead month here and there because as a model it’s still good for a sub trying to cater to all walks of gamer, I still get my money’s worth. It just sucks when it’s consecutive months.

    a real disappointment has been the EA pro pass. Years almost up and barely anything new has popped up on it, let alone titles that would scream why yes give me another year of this please daddy

  • another really poor month on humble bundle. I can't see myself renewing.

  • It’s still last months. But yeah. I played last oasis, it was dull for an mmo world. Grindy. And as soon as players saw me they murdered me.

    also Tuesday being the 31st means a whole other week before next month is revealed

  • We got an email yesterday previewing 4 games same as last month

    Flynn: Son of Crimson

    Chinatown Detective Agency

    Midnight Fight Express

    Into the Pit Reveal

  • Got that mail but I thought it was a monthly newsletter about new games being published by them rather than games coming to the new bundle.

  • ..

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  • Nothing there is jumping out at me.

  • Looks like garbage to me, but my brother will love 2k21 so I will probably pay it and gift him that.

  • Another month I'll be skipping, unfortunately.