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Hello All, This is just a friendly reminder to read the Forum Charter where you wish to post before posting in it. :)

** Charter - Read me First!! **

  • 04-03-2016 6:41am
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    Welcome to the World Religions Forum! This Charter contains the rules for this forum, so please have a read through it before posting.

    This forum is for discussion around Buddhism, Islam, Paganism and Spirituality, along with any other religions/creeds that don’t have their own specific forum. There are individual forums for Atheism & Agnosticism, and Christianity, so if you wish to discuss something relating to either of those, please use the relevant forum.

    Guidelines & Terms of Use
    Like every other forum on the site, the World Religions Forum is subject to the Guidelines and Terms of Use. Please familiarise yourselves with these before you post.

    Be Respectful
    Like Politics, Religion can be a hugely divisive topic which many people have very strong opinions on; however, this forum is intended to be a platform for users to discuss various religions, without fear of hostility. Bearing this in mind, there will be a hard line taken on muppetry here. Trolling, flaming, baiting, bigotry, racism, hate-speech, etc will not be tolerated.

    The prefixes are [Buddhism] [Islam] [Paganism] [Spirituality] and [General]. They denote which topic is being discussed in each thread. To make it easier for all users, please make sure to choose a prefix from the drop-down menu when you’re starting a new thread.

    Reporting a Post
    If you see a post that breaks the site/forum rules, please click the Report Post Button report.gif and a Moderator will have a look at it. Do not drag the thread off topic by responding to posts that break the rules. Please remember that the Moderators are volunteers, and are not online 24/7.

    What Moderators Do
    The moderators look after the forum, and keep it running smoothly. From time to time, they will have to issue on-thread warnings, or even infract/ban users. If you disagree with a moderator decision, then use the Private Message function to discuss it with the mod in question. Do not discuss/challenge/question mod actions or decisions on thread. This will usually earn you a card or ban from the forum. If you cannot come to an agreement with a mod, or you do not get a reply (allow at least 24 hours, as I said, mods aren't online 24/7) then please follow the procedure in the Dispute Resolution Forum.

    The Forum Mods
    The moderators for the World Religions Forum are Nody, stevenmu and Stheno.

    Other Relevant Forums
    Atheism & Agnosticism
    Religions Archive
    International Politics

    Finally not having read this charter is not an acceptable excuse to break it.


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