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Studying Nursing abroad

  • 26-01-2016 4:54pm
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    guess i was like a bit unlucky and was 10 points off nursing, before anyone says it yes i have got my results rechecked,

    so i was thinking of studying nursing abroad, would it be easy for irish students getting a course in nursing like usa, regardless of my lc results?
    let me know thanks :D


  • Registered Users Posts: 454 ✭✭ liquoriceall

    There is no point in going nursing in the US as it is impossible to get registered here afterwards. Go to the UK you can do your training in 3 years for a diploma or 4 years for the degree, some universities offer an exchange programme within europe during the degree programme which could be good fun!

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    I plan to do Nursing Studies in Scotland. It is cheaper

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    I plan to do Nursing Studies in Scotland. It is cheaper
    Cheaper compared to england right? What college are you planning niamh? :)