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TG's 's**t I did at the gym' log

  • 13-01-2016 9:06pm
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    I'll be honest, I've not touched a gym in a long long time. I'm by no means heavy set or anything like that. I'm just very unfit and I'd like to change that around.

    I was due to start going to the gym last week but I was getting over a serious fever so Monday (11th January) was my first day.

    I'm in the Ben Dunne Gym over in Westpoint and tbh, it's grand so far. I'm really focusing on getting my cardio up for now and attending a few classes over the next month after I regain a bit of fitness.

    I don't really have a set goal in terms of weight other than to just take it day by day and week by week and just to make sure that I attend the gym at least 3-4 times a week and get into the habit of going to the gym.

    I'm a total noob regarding terminology and I wouldn't know a delt from my arse. I'm sure that'll change over time but for now, you'll be getting basic terminology and a load of gibberish no doubt.

    So on Monday, I did a 40 minute workout:

    15 minutes on the treadmill which were broken down into:

    - 1 minute walking
    - 1 minute jogging
    - 8 minutes fast running (10.5 setting with 3.5 gradient IIRC)
    - 1 minute jogging
    - 1 minute walking
    - 2 minutes sprinting (13.5 setting)
    - 1 minute walking/cool down

    10 minutes on the bike with the effort level set at 4.

    I think my average RPM was 85 which I was pretty happy with.

    By the time I finished the bike, my legs were a bit like jelly when I hit the cross trainer and to be honest I could only manage 5 minutes on it before I couldn't push myself any more.

    Instead, I decided to do 10 minutes on the rowing machine. It killed a bit but I persevered. I genuinely couldn't tell you what resistance or level I was pulling at as I just picked the 'quick start' option.

    I was happy enough given that it was my first time back in a gym for yonks.


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    Tuesday 12th January 2016:

    So after my legs were kind to me and didn't give out on me completely, I went back to the gym after work.

    Pretty much tackled the same machines again but I did manage to push on a fair bit from Monday's efforts.

    I know in my last thread that I didn't have a specific goal in mind but I guess showing up and doing a minute extra on the machines is goal enough for now.

    However, I did more than a minute extra on both the bike and treadmill yesterday.

    Started once again with the treadmill. 3.5 gradient constantly.

    20 minutes in total:

    - 2 minutes of walking/jogging.
    - 8 minutes of running (10.5 speed)
    - 2 minutes of walking/jogging
    - 7 minutes of running (10.5)
    - 1 minute of walking/cool down

    With my legs still intact, I made my way over to the bike.

    Did 20 minutes on it alternating between effort level 4/5.

    I did struggle around the 9 minute mark but I just turned up the heavy metal in my ears and pushed on through and I'm glad I did because I felt great after it.

    I decided to give the cross trainer another go but after 40 minutes of continuous exercise I struggled with it again. I think on Thursday (Wednesday being a rest day) that I'll start with the cross trainer and attempt at least 10 minutes as opposed to the 5 minutes I could only muster up.

    Finished off once again with the rowing machine. Again, a 'quick start' job and did 10 minutes there.

    Very happy with how Tuesday went and I'm happy so far after two good days of training. Obviously, it's only two days but you know, if I'm committed to going and typing all this crap out for people to read then hopefully I'll stick with it long term.

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    Thursday 14th January 2016:

    I'm currently on college placement with a group of service users who we bring to the gym on a Thursday afternoon. My priority is them and their safety but I still managed a good workout.

    20 minutes treadmill. Similar to what I did in Tuesday's program.

    15 minutes on the bike.

    We also take part in stretches with the guys and we worked on their abs and what not a little bit.

    3 x 10 sets sit ups.
    3 x 10 sets squats.
    3 x 10 sets lunges.

    We then did the weight machines.

    I haven't a clue what the names of the machines are but I'll give it a go.

    I think it's called a lat pull down resistance machine?? Bar over your head that you pull down and you can adjust your weights accordingly.


    2 x 15 sets @ 20kg

    Followed by a few arm machine things... Yeah, I'm completely useless and haven't the time to google them right now.

    Anyway, on both machines I did 2 x 15 sets (or is it reps?) both at @20kg

    Finally I hopped on a machine whereby I'm pushing myself back off a padded type of wall on a moving seat.

    Again, 2 x 15 sets/reps @20kg


    I was due to go to the gym today (Friday 15th January) but I brought the lads to dinner/panto and didn't get back til midnight so I'm too tired to even contemplate such things.

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    Lat pulldown
    2 sets of 15 reps