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Extreme Couponing?

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    I am watching extreme couponing on the TV and in awe of how much they save!?!
    Is there anything like this in Ireland? Can we print out coupons?
    I have looked all over the Internet and have found nothing!
    Thanks everyone!!


  • No, we have nothing over here, on the scale that the Yanks have. Couponing clipping is a virtual industry over there. It's not here. In the US, the weekend Newspapers will be comprised of 5% newspaper and 95% coupon inserts from supermarkets, department stores, drug store chains etc etc. You can pick up more inserts from racks in the shops themselves. If you go on store/brand/company mailing lists, you'll get more coupons out to you in the post, or emailed to you that you can print off at home. It's a whole industry unto itself & if you have the time and energy to sort thru all the paper, you'll get your mega savings. We just aren't set up for that here.

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  • Market for it here?

  • Love that show :) would be class if that was available over here :D one episode I remember a lady got something like $800+ Of grocerys and her total came to minus a couple of cents so they owed her money :D class stuff

  • It's a combination of things in the US. Coupons are found everywhere, plus lots of the supermarket chains will allow you to double up coupons or have some other promotions.

    I was in a supermarket in Cleveland one day, picking up a few things, including a bottle of Fiji water. The till operator pulled out a bag of coupons from under her till, rifled through it and gave me a coupon for my water. Said she clipped them and shared them with her customers.

    I remember coupons were far more prevalent in Ireland back in the 80s. My mother always had an envelope with coupons. Then things started to improve I suppose...

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  • Sure pigsback started with grocery coupons, then moved away from it, think there was major problems with them, I used them all the time but some shops kept you waiting ages to prove they were legit... Others just never used to accept them, especially against special offers.

    I love grocery shopping stateside, is a national past time to hunt coupons!

  • Far as I know, most US chains have stopped allowing double couponing.

  • the best we can hope for here is aldi / lidl around major holidays