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  • 18-11-2015 3:24pm
    Registered Users Posts: 209 ✭✭ i 15

    (taken from the Free Techno facebook page)(always free, always techno, 2 x 2hr sets)

    I dont know bout you but this Friday is shaping up to be one hell of a release. Back to the ones and zeros and no better way than a trip to the darkness in the basement of Sweeneys with two of the best....

    While our first act is no stranger to bigger stages than ours it will be his first visit to the basement and we cant wait. Kicking off the night we are delighted to welcome NATHAN JONES. Fresh and thumping is one description we've heard of Nathan and it seems more than apt. Get in early as you will not be dissappointed!!

    One of the reasons Free Techno was put together as a night, Niall is one of the most exciting dj/producers that Dublin has to offer. With a long cv playing with some of the worlds best, including a recent gig over in Berlin, Nialls part in the RSCH 14 project brought him recognition as a producer and he has recently just received some wax of his own material to be released on Vision Collector records(lets hope we get a preview). Whatever happens its going to be an exciting, banging example of what we love most!

    So there it is. A reason if ever there was to come out and delve into the music we all love. There's a good reason we do our nights on Fridays and the line up above sums it up.
    Spread the word,
    peace and love,
    Free Techno xxx