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Personal Security information for those applying to join the PSNI

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    It would be irresponsible of this forum not to make lots of efforts to draw your attention to the recent security threat to Student Officers.

    Now more than ever you need to be discreet, and make sure you only tell people who need to know what it is you are doing.

    We advise that you do not disclose any of the following either in the forum or on your profile:
    • Your name
    • Your age
    • Your e-mail address
    • Your mobile phone number
    • Any indication where you live, or your home town
    • Any indication of where you work, or have worked
    • Pictures of yourself, family or friends
    • Links to your bebo/facebook/myspace/twitter/MSN/AIM/Skype and so on
    • Your community background
    • Your merit pool number
    • ANYTHING that can identify you such as tattoos, birth marks, medical history, having a twin, unusual hobbies or interests and so on

    People can become complacent over time on this forum, and start to give away bits of information about themselves here and there, and before you know it, your identity can be figured out by Recruitment by simply putting the pieces together.

    Finally, have a quick look at your profile. Have you given away any information about yourself that could lead to someone identifying you? What about your signature? You may have joined a long time ago, so give it a once over, just to be sure. (We have the_syco to thank for this suggestion. Thank you Sir.)

    Please boys and girls, be careful what you post.

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