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Whats IT Carlow like?

  • 31-08-2015 4:08pm
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    Just wondering from people who attended or are going to IT Carlow can tell me what its like. The nightlife, lectures, the college itself really, accommodation, do you get that college experience you would in places like Galway and Dublin as always hearing people going on how good they are. Also if anyone has done Software Development in Carlow have any information about the course would be appreciated.


  • Moderators, Education Moderators Posts: 21,730 Mod ✭✭✭✭entropi

    With regards to some of that, here is the text from a post I put up here last year:
    The course you want to do could slightly change the view of your experience in Carlow, but don't let that put you off. Some courses will have a higher workload and attending hours per week, so you'll have slightly less time to chill out/have the craic etc.

    Life in Carlow itself seems slow paced, nice and what I'd expect from a town. The college is similar at times, and can seem busy at times too. Not a huge campus by any means but has lots of facilities and has what you need. It can seem small, but that's because you'll notice plenty of the same faces around the same spots. Depending on your needs, facilities will differ. Plenty of clubs and societies to join and take part in, some events held through the year excluding RAG week (which can be hit & miss for some, great for most) lecture rooms/halls are warm, clean and generally quite nice. The library is a good size, plenty of material to use and lots of computers (exam time can be tougher to get one, as you'd expect).

    One of the best aspects is that you'll most likely get to know plenty of people, make some genuine friends and have a brilliant college experience. Personally, I honestly don't think I'd have had a better time in another college.

    Accommodation experiences will depend on where you live, and who you live with. Most of the housing is located no more than a 10-minute walk from the college (Carraig Abhainn, Southern Gardens, Rath Abhainn, Green Road, Bullock Park, College Green, Granby Row and Millbrook are the busiest housing areas) and will depend on how much you can spend on housing. I lived both inside the town with housemates who were not students, and in one of the housing areas listed in the last sentence with other students. Both houses were very clean and spacious, housemates were great and I had a great experience overall.

    As for nightlife: most of the time we would meet up in someone's house beforehand, have a beer or two and head to town to one of the pubs or just go straight to The Foundry (local nightclub) to see out the night. I've had some nights out there I'll never forget.

    I cannot speak for everyone, but the above is a good start for info gathering I hope.

    As for the software development course, here is a link to another thread with the info you need posted here a few days ago: .

    Hopefully this will be enough for the moment, and help you with your decision.

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    Thanks very much.

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    if you're young and like to drink or otherwise get inebriated, carlow's a great spot to be in college.

    can't tell you anything about the software development course as i'm only starting it myself this year as a mature student but if you search the forum here for 'software' you'll find a few old threads that might have what you want

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    Whats the college like itself the campus and that? are employers happy with degrees from IT Carlow from your knowledge? What are the lectures like from your experience? Thanks very much.

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    i eh.. attempted an accounting degree several years back, to the best of my knowledge almost everyone in the course that ended up graduating is now employed and by all accounts (well, just facebook) some of them seem to be pretty good jobs. one of the people speaking at the mature students orientation mentioned that it carlow was it of the year 2 years ago and was runner up last year, i guess it must be somewhat respected.

    the campus is small but it's grand. the canteen area upstairs and downstairs is almost always buzzing with activity, i only wandered through the new burrin centre as i was registering yesterday but i saw people playing pool and the gym looked decent. it's 5-6 years since i was in them, but i remember the computers in the library were hilariously slow. i'd hope software development student either have access to something better, or they've been upgraded since then.

    most of the lecturers i had were grand, no one seemed out to screw anybody and they had plenty of time for students with questions or any issues. the lectures themselves ... i dunno, it's a small college so class sizes are typically going to be small enough which is handy if you wanted to clarify anything in class, less handy if you just wanted to turn up and take a nap in the back.

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