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Emirates National School ENS

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    Myself and bf have been offered jobs in ENS primary and secondary schools in Al Ain. I can't find much information on the net apart from old forum posts but they are all very negative. The director who interviewed me assured me that they are no longer like this. Has anyone worked in one or does anyone still work in one who can give me any more information before we sign contracts? The pay is very good which is tempting but I don't want to go somewhere I will be very unhappy.


  • Hi Coot,

    I'm looking at going over to Abu Dhabi and that school is interviewing me.

    Like you, I can't get any info. It seems like a blackhole. Did you teach there in the end?

  • I've no experience of teaching there but I research schools through It might be worth signing up. There's reviews from ex-staff on a lot of international schools, forums and blog posts relating to various schools.