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New Years in Vietnam

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    Hi all, my girlfriend and I are planning on heading to Vietnam on the 28th December and staying until the 15/16 January. The last few years we have met up with all our mates before xmas on the usual nights out but have noticed that the week after xmas is boring as hell.
    Turkey sandwiches and entertaining relatives being the highlight. SO this year we plan on heading away and making use of our annual leave!
    Has anyone done this before or have any tips/advice?


  • Was in Ho Chi Minh city for new years a few years ago. Plenty of expats about and pubs open.

  • I'm in Vietnam at the minute.

    One thing I noticed was how sparse seats/beds on trains were. We literally had to book all our trains in one go to be sure everything fit within our schedule.

    This isn't really NYE specific, just something I found out. And I guess with it being low season at the minute it could be even harder to find space when you're there.