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  • 29-06-2015 7:54pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 irisshhh

    Hey all, I feel like I am missing something in my job hunt! I have alerts/check, creativeireland and a couple of others daily but I feel like I am not really get good enough access to job advertisements.

    Should I be keeping an eye on the weekly local paper? Are there other paper's or magazines I should keep an eye on? I am a graphic designer/marketing person and need to change job like ASAP! I'm in the south east and willing to travel but I am cautious about Dublin in terms of the commute as I've done it before and found it painful! I spent nearly 3 hours in a traffic build up in the city and then another 1.5 hours getting home after work so I wasn't a fan!

    I'm also open to re-locating (in aabout a year that will be possible for me) or working from home, part time or full time - anything! Even steady freelance. I am thinking about setting up my own business but I am not very long in the industry so my contacts are pretty weak right now.

    But I cannot emphasis enough how much I need to get out of my current job-it is a living nightmare. If anyone has any tips or tricks about finding graphic design work puh-lease let me know!! And anyone with general job site tips etc, thank you all in advance!


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    I work as a Graphic Designer too, sadly their is not many jobs available in it at the moment here. Some are took up by Jobbridge and some are only for Senior Graphic Designers. I got lucky in getting work with a travel company freelance from home doing it.

    For freelance work use this site it's great: