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Data Analysis Question

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    Hello :)

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question so apologies if it seems off topic!

    I'm currently doing an undergraduate research project and have done an online survey through SurveyMonkey. My survey was online for two weeks and is now deactivated as I've to start analysis, SPSS, etc.

    I received 146 responses, however the number that actually completed the whole survey is a bit lower, fluctuating between 129 and 139, depending on the question. I didn't make any of the questions un-skipable, as it is a health-related survey targeting a vulnerable group and I didn't want participants to feel they had to answer questions they were uncomfortable with.

    I am just wondering now what this means for my data analysis. I know some of it will be entered as "missing data", however I am wondering what I should count as my final response rate. Is there a certain percentage of the survey which should be completed to count it as a response? (Some people only answered one or two questions before exiting the survey).

    Thanks in advance :)