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#p00040/14 Oireachtas Committee recomend legislation for debate started on

  • 16-06-2015 5:46am
    Registered Users Posts: 101 ✭✭ tonyroc

    If the new legislation is put in place 500,000 plus home and god know how many public building will still have health and safety issues with risk of chemical or bacterial contamination of your shower or bath water or both which could cause endless amounts of illness Chemical or bacterial poisoning can cause organ or brain damage which could also affect function. I lost that debate on boards but im glad i left this comment so at least you see i except good argument until i debunk it. "possible link central heating systems and soaring disease rates"
    "I bow my head to your knowledge with some words of caution
    "nature is always a strange beast and should never be taken for granted because if there is a way to survive it will always find it"

    Is it not also a sad reflection in our society that by asking a question one is deemed a nut."not my words"
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    Joey the Lips Mod may take a bow too for his last words.
    [HTML]To be honest there is multiple guilt in this thread. You either make a point or dispute a point. You don't give sass or it can be seen as bullying.

    I agree its run its course though. Thanks for all the positive contribution and i am sorry op it has not got the response you wished for. Just means your in the minority not necessarily wrong.[/HTML]

    I was a bit extreme they said, they had no ****ing idea how extreme i could get , not surprising really considering i had just figured someone was risking my family and neighbours health and wellbeing just to save a few hundred quid a house .
    only 99.9% convinced i still mulled it over And a few weeks later when reading a tender for a council house renovation it stipulated 60* max boiler setting ,plus 60* factory setting on copper cylinder giving the bacteria 30 seconds+ and with heating feed almost a dead leg at hotpress temperatures bacteria would thrive and non return leaking would provide food. Bacteria only hit 60* in shower mixer and come out shower head 3 or 4 seconds later .Thats when i lost it ,nothing i said could convinced them to even come to my housing estate and check it out and still they stall nearly 3 years later even after committee debate 25th March 2015 Disease rates are still showing signs of rise. I had first figured it out mid 2012 but said nothing it was mind numbing ,i kept rechecking my files. It became an obsession i organised meeting traveled the country the more i talked to officials the quicker they ran . I seen their looks which continue to this day , I had seen it before as a sixteen year old in 1985 as i slept on the cold streets of London always half awake, waiting for that oncoming attack .Its that look of pity for the deranged you get sometimes as a homeless man . Some of them are unfortunately deranged tipped over by a society that judges guilty till proven innocent and concentrates on education standards rather than survival skills. Your world failed me for spelling mistakes then you added letters to numbers and called me stupid , History because i never remembered dates i was always more interested in the stories of valour. At 15 i had enough of school ,told i was too big to be a jockey like me dad my max weight was 11s 7 when getting player of the year Barnhall 1989 you gob****e .Society judges strangers like myself with caution because we are different than you ,i am self educated your system did not suit. But that never stopped me i have travelled the world ,jumped from the planes, worked and dived under the sea ,walked in my winners and married the Blond . I have walked into your High courts represented myself and walked out with injunctions against Irish Water,to try and prove to you all that i know what im talking about . I told them what would happen with a water meter if they put dye in it .They stopped laughing when they tried it, i don't think the US Embassy was too happy when i told them they had a security issue with their water meter on a public footpath leaving them exposed .I then petitioned your Oireachtas Committees and they have agreed with the first half of my petition and recommended legislation which means you agree it can happen but nearly 3 months later they still haven't opened and examined the file talking about disease and death. When chance of failure and leaking non return valve is 100% certain in every house .metal tap Metal banging off metal will cause all to leak or lock .If locked plumbers replaces and you play the game of chance again eventually your luck will run out . The ones with chemicals might last a bit longer but metal tap will happen eventually . Confirmed they leak some in my estate nearly 15 years but we are a posh estate so most systems contain chemicals. Another Trim council estate had its entire heating systems changed for another version that is also faulty . There have been many deaths in that estate but not 100% sure of cause but i'm suspicious ,even a local TD wondered aloud one day but he's a bit of a clown. I'm stuck dead in the water , this petition will more than likely drop when government term ends unless we can force issue . I have a few ideas for tests to prove contamination but i need 3rd level knowhow and a few letters around your name could be the answer . For 3 years now i have been fighting this battle alone i have to bully them just to make a call . I have broken too many of the rules on etiquette and have been going a bit hard at them even now i'm still shunned as a conspiracy theorist .Test Me all i need is a meeting with a micro biologist, good doctor,pathologist or garda forensics any of the four will do. Unless you have a better idea . Two government departments could not dispute one point in plumbing side of theory i debunked every argument put before me . Debate near bottom of the page p00040/14


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