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Scavenger: DJ PAYPAL (Teklife/U.S) & Second Storey LIVE / Twisted Pepper Basement

  • 25-05-2015 9:25pm
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    TICKETS €5/€8/€10

    Second Storey LIVE (Houndstooth/UK)

    Far from the dry, uninspiring automation of so many “live” sets, his performances shudder and shake with the vitality of human control, no more apparent than in his razor-sharp battery of his drum pads. With the surface barely scratched on what Alec Storey’s ever-active mind can conjure up, from the absurd and grotesque to the elegiac and beautiful, one can only advise you keep the name locked, your mind open and your ass ready to follow...
    Check out his sweet latest album "Double Divide" to find out for yourself...

    DJ Paypal (Teklife/USA)

    DJ Paypal is one of those internet gems that seems hell bent on nothing more than unleashing his rapturous brand of good times unto the world. Stylistically, the largely anonymous producer is smooth and glossy, yet supercharged with hyperactive footwork percussion and a kitschified energy that radiates from each of his tracks. This is real, lightning speed, party music, designed for the giddiest cases of Saturday night fever.

    This night will go out hard in Teklife style as two very different styles clash to see what the hell happens in the end...