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Flaags from Portlaoise New track


  • wouldnt be my cuppa tea musically but i agree with that snare sounding beautiful. as far as pop mixes go, its all there. forward vocals again arent my thing but fit the genre. i get a hint of that danish group alphabeat from it.

  • Nice big mix. Love the guitar panning / arrangement - lots of stuff going on to keep the listener interested.

    I'd prefer to hear more tone from the toms and more kick in the main body of the song.

  • I actually found the guitar panning gave a bit of imbalance to the arrangement in certain sections....found the ear drawn to the left cause there was nothing to balance it out on the right until the other guitar came in...I'd maybe have doubled the left part, and had it on the right too, but lower in the mix, just to make the imaging a bit less extreme, but that's a taste thing I guess.

    Found the drums (snare aside) a bit wooly, but I reckon that's the Pearl Reference...the only one I've had on a session wasn't exactly the punchiest of kits. Vocals sit well, but the performance is a bit weak...