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[Art] Linocut - How do I maximize my marks?

  • 19-04-2015 11:07pm
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    I've decided to do linocut for my craft, modelling and calligraphy don't suit me and I don't have time to prepare for anything else. I'm doing "close-up for my linocut topic. I just don't really understand what the examiner is looking for to say "Wow, that's a good linocut". My teacher said they're looking for variety in cuts, good composition, etc etc, but a linocut I've done recently had all that, and my teacher still doesn't really consider it a "good" linocut.

    So how should I approach linocut?


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    You really need to develop a good design before you even start working on your piece of lino.

    A) The design must be suitable for lino printing - strong contrasts, bold shapes, textures ... It must be developed through sketches and be an interesting interpretation of the theme.

    If you look at the marking scheme there are a lot of marks for the design element firstly 10 mks for the sketches, then 20 mks for the design and then 10 mrks for the interpretation - so basically start now developing your design.

    B) Remember to trace the design on backwards so it prints the right way round.

    C) Cut neatly with a variety of marks

    D) Print evenly and in a neat clean manner

    E) If your colour printing make sure your registration is accurate