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Which is the best harmonica pack, for an absolute beginner?

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    I recently thought about learning to play the harmonica, I read online that a G or E is better to learn with and yet the only beginner packs all seem to come with C harmonicas. Also I had wanted the complete beginners set in Waltons, but they only had the dearer Blues pack and so I had to get that. I now dont know wether to open the Blues pack and try learning with that(making it non returnable/exchangable, as id have used it) or waiting until im back in and swap it for the complete beginners pack(if and when they have it)? Ive emailed them, but havent heard back and so im hoping someone on here with a musical background would know? Thanks.


  • I cant see why you'd need a specific key just for learning. They all work the same way regardless of key - you blow in or out to get particular notes. I'd say just open up your new instrument, follow the book, check out the lots of youtube tutorials around and have fun.
    If you do enjoy playing, just keep adding new keys as you go along.
    It's a great instrument, so enjoy.

    By the way I started with a G, and then added a C and D later.

  • Thanks, I thought it was unikley that it mattered what kind of key you needed and I love blues. I was just worried I was going to have a harder time learning with the pack I ended up getting, as oppose to the one I had wanted and thought id not be able to get the right one after id opened it. If I do manage to pick it up i will get the other keys, again thanks very much for the help and advice. :)