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WARNING: NBA League Pass Rip-Off!

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    I bought the NBA League Pass Finals package back in May 2014. I am just after noticing in my bank statements that in November 2014, NBA League Pass took €170 out of my account for a full years subscription! When I emailed them (which it appears is all you can do, no phone service and live chat is not working), they replied saying that auto-renewal is in the Terms Of Use and that the 30 day refund period is over so there is nothing that can be done. I haven't even logged into my NBA League Pass account since last summer. I read their terms of use and it states that

    "You authorize Us to automatically bill the Fees (including any renewal Fees) based on any subscription you purchase to the credit card, debit card...."

    ...based on any subscription! This clearly implies that if I am subject to an auto-renewal then they should be renewing the service I previously paid for, which is the Finals package and just renew this (hence the friggin term renewal, how can they renew something I never paid for!).

    Unless I'm missing something, this actually seems illegal to me but doesn't look like I can do anything because they are not even replying to my emails now.

    Just a heads up I suppose!