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Small Whiskey Cask

  • 15-01-2015 12:13pm
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    Just playing with an idea here, I am thinking of buying a small cask of whiskey for my son (maybe son's) and give it to him/them around their 30th birthday (28 years away from now).

    Just wondering what would be involved, the pricing, storage, VAT, etc etc...

    Looking at whiskybroker co uk a 200l cask is about 1500-2000euro, this is just a reference to how much a 1 or 2 year old cask costs.

    Most likely the cask will be stored in an Irish distillery, what are my options and the hidden cost of this gift?


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    As far as I know Dingle Founding Fathers is still open to new members. Casks start at €6,100.

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    Kilbeggan has a stack of purchased/gifted casks on display maturing; although they're all full-size and I don't know exactly how you buy them either. Not many places do quarter casks, and as they're intended to give more flavour in a shorter time I'm not actually sure I'd want to leave one 30 years. Also, the evaporation would mean there'd not be all that much left.

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    Don't think Kilbeggan sell casks to the public anymore, but I'm not 100 pct sure.

    You buy whisky in bond, so you don't have to pay the tax until after it's taken out.

    Irish whiskey is much more expensive to buy by the cask, compared to Scotland. But a lot of Scottish distilleries won't sell casks.