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Toy Spotting / Shopping Thread!



  • Some news from the lads of Dublin City comics.

    Dublin City Comics 2:The Sequel
    103/104 Capel Street, Dublin 1.
    Our 2nd store that now caters for secondhand Toys, Comics , Trades and more.

  • just to give a heads up kapow toys have got a stock of the hascon releases this year.

    so it arcee with ultra magnus (titan return head) and grotusque with scorponok (titan return head)

    but theyre pricey.

    arcee is 50 quid and grotusque is near 62.

    to put that in perspective theyve got leader class overlord in stock for 65 whilst the latter lads are essentially deluxe remolds of blurr and twinferno, and ALL are pre postage of about 15 quid.

    still if they float your boat heres your chance.

  • Not enough love for them to pay that price.

  • Talk of a Takara version. Suppose there's enough new tooling in it that we may see the mold again.

  • Just to give a heads up amazon us is flogging titans return six shot for $35.50


    Dunno what total is with tax etc cause I'm on the phone but with the exchange rate it should still be a great deal for those that missed him in stores here.


    uk AMAZON selling trypticon for 136.58 euros including postage.

    best price ive seen for the big guy so far. got him myself already for 150 in smyths though.

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  • If anyone has any interest in the new Power of the Primes line/ combining dinobots/ evolving primes, wave 1 is up for preorder on Kapow with an expected arrival of 1st December.

  • Dropped into Smyth in Tallaght, they're flogging titans return trypticon for €139.99

    Leader movie megs and prime are goin for 59.99 too

  • Tesco is starting to get Six Shot in for 48-ish.

  • movie leader megatron is up for €45.77 for the next 8 hours on due to their "cyber monday" sale.

    ditto for movie drift and baracade

    who are going for about 25.14 each

    now the deluxes in smyths are 26 odd right now so theres not much saving on them, but if ya get two together you qualify for free postage which means ya can pick up baracade and drift (for an example) for 36.62 all in.

    which works out at 18 euro odd each inc postage. so thats not a bad deal if your looking for movie deluxes on the cheap

    plus theyre still looking for near 60 for megs and prime so its a good drop off for that.

    saddly theres no generations stuff up on the sale.

    on the US site however theres a few. 07 leader class move optimus is up for 29 dollars odd which including post/tax equals €48.41 euro. personally i dont like that one as i think its too chunky but if it floats your boad you can nab it at that price for the next 15hrs (its reduced from 79 dollars)

    theyve got TR trypticon up for 97 dollars .

    but unfortunately even though it converts to about €117 due to post and taxes it comes in at €144 - which is a fiver more than ya can get the guy in smythes right now with their 139.99 deal.

    still theyre "taxes" is somewhat of a guesstimate at time. i ordered a generations metroplex off em and got a tenner more back in tax than i was expecting when it was all processed so if you want to take a chance on it there ya go.

    happy hunting guys.


  • Smyths might actually still be cheaper if their "black friday" deal is still going.

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  • dropped into the one in tallaght on the way home yesterday and they were back at the usual prices.

    missed black friday there as was stuck in work, heard it was a total nightmare with hour long ques from the opening.

    on me last post, i plumped for the leader movie megs in the end. 45 quid aint bad for him.

  • Trypticon is now €115 in Smyths.

  • Starscream and Grimlock listed on the Smyths site.

  • So is Swoop, but no other Deluxe as of yet. Out of stock everywhere still though.

  • overlords up on for 30 dollars, which after post and conversion is 46 euro odd.

    doesnt seem to be any import tax either cause its so cheap

  • theyre also doing a deal on power of the primes swoop so you can pick him up inc postage for 21 euro odd.

    which is basically sale price here.

    dont know how long itll last though. looks like a "year end" deal.

  • Titan master Astrotrain and (i think) Alpha trion are €16! in Tesco in Naas ..some smaller ones like perceptor are 10 ..havent seen them in any other tesco so no idea if its just in Naas.

  • dropped into heatons in the square in tallaght on a whim.

    theyve got 2 combiner wars onslaughts on sale for €15 if anyone still fancies him.

    picked up the only Skylynx they had left meself for the same price.

  • HAD to post this one

    dont know how long itll stay this cheap but a SDCC fort max for at whats todays rate turns into €80.90 with post included is a GREAT deal

  • Get thee to Toymaster if you want some Leader action.


    they also had these little guys.
    But I may have gotten the last of them. Unless they have more to put out.


    He's pretty nifty.

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  • lads over in have been saying battletraps been popping up all over the place with no warning.


    have to say i'd pick him up for pure nostaliga as i got the G1 version for my cousin for a birthday and always regreted not picking one up for myself.

    great to see prime out as he's the main fig from this line i really want (well besides volcanicus :) ) so i'll deffo be making a bee line for him.

    picked up a few deluxes off which were fair cheap thanks to the exchange rate. got jazz swoop slug and prime master leige maximo

    the prime masters are TINY , literally half the size of a legends fig, but adorable. seriously the detail in the skullgrin shell is gorgeous. i was a bit blaise on them but now ive decided to pick em all up as their just fun figs.

    oh and for those wondering you can keep moving swoops outer wings in to meet behind his back to attain a G1 look for the character (the one thing i didnt like in his promo shots was his wings just hanging down in bot mode)

    gotta say im well chuffed to have a proper swoop in my collection. he's definitely the best deluxe in the first wave . i do love my jazz though, he got a fair bit of flack off the reviewer community on youtube but he looks great to me

  • gotta say im well chuffed to have a proper swoop in my collection. he's definitely the best deluxe in the first wave . i do love my jazz though, he got a fair bit of flack off the reviewer community on youtube but he looks great to me

    I'm just not up for replacing Generations Jazz with him. Battletrap is great! Two nice legends figures. And a wonderful combined from.



    Tailgates ok too.

    i think I would have been more interested in the prime masters if they where heads than faceless symbols. But the pretenders are nice enough.

  • yeah its the shell im getting them for.

    plus its looking like both grimlock and hungarr (i presume) wont have any weapons coming with them bar the prime armour/feet so im gonna use em to arm up the voyager lads.

    i dropped into toymaster on jervis st today but they'd none of the leader/legends lads left. they DID have prime masters though going for €7 so i picked up vector prime (cause for some reason on amazon theyre not shipping him to ireland despite me being able to get both leige maximo and micronus prime. )

    oh and they had a sixshot going for €60 so if anyone missed out on him there ya go.

  • Dublin City comics have the Autoclones set on the shelves.
    Along with Octone whom I only bough cause he has a ghost Starscream head included.
    As well as the Takara Targetmasters figures.

  • Toymaster and Smyth have had Wave 1 Voyagers and Deluxs from Power of the primes this weekend in Dublin and Waterford!

  • Wave 1 deluxs back in Toy master

  • picked up a grimlock from jervis st on marks info.

    gotta say he's ALOT better looking in person than the pics of him imply. the combiner feet as wolverine-esque gauntlets arent as obtrusive as they seem and micronus prime in weapon mode is perfect from him.

    not only does it evoke his old "twin stunner" rifle, the colour scheme fits hims perfect.

    and hey grimlock with a twin gatling gun?

    match made in heaven.


    i cant wait for snarl and sludge to be released as the three lads together look great.

  • :D

    i cant wait for snarl and sludge to be released as the three lads together look great.

    They do. It's just a shame Sludge is not gona tower over the rest. Heres to a knock off oversized figure!

  • Any trypticons out in the wild anymore?

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  • V9 wrote: »
    Any trypticons out in the wild anymore?

    Smyths seem to be out of stock but Kapow have it in their current sale for 90 sterling if that's any use.