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Team to win & BTTS log.



  • lamoss wrote: »
    Last 2 bets to finish this log.

    Bet 19.
    Napoli @ 3.1 € 1.00 single
    Benfica @ 3.4 90c single

    € 1.10 Double


    Bet 20

    Getafe @ 6.5 50c single
    Stoke @ 3.5 90c single

    € 1.60 Double.

    wow..........boom and BOOM :)

    Bet 19 Napoli comes in back for that bet
    Bet 20 They both come in ...........€ 42.80 on that bet :pac:

    This log is now finished, I started with €60 and placing 20 bets only , I had 2 bets up which were winners and a lot of singles which gave me my money back .I know I am in profit over the sequence and don't have time to go through everything at the moment as I have to get to work. I will do a write up later on. I think I will do another log slightly different but same format.

  • I have just added up my returns from this run of bets as follows and I am well happy with the results.

    Opening Bank 60
    10 losing bets - 30
    = 30 left.
    add 7 bets money back = 21.

    30 +21 = 51 in the pot.
    2 winning bets ( stakes deducted) = 58.30 won.

    €51 in pot + €58.30 won = € 109 approx. - €60 opening bank = €49 profit

    That works out around an 80% ROI

    I have to start a dodgy tipping service now :p
    All payments to Lamoss c/o Bank of Cayman, Cayman Islands.:D

    That went better then I thought I will do a slightly different log next time
    but with the same staking ideas.