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eMobile mstake - badly trained or idiots??

  • 07-11-2014 12:58pm
    Registered Users Posts: 122 ✭✭ Irish Lion

    We recently switched to eircom and eMobile from Vodafone due to a better overall package and after over a month of waiting the 2 mobile phones arrived yesterday
    We had ordered 2 different handsets and 2 identical handsets arrived which sent the courier in to rant about the amount of similar mistakes he has had.
    Not only was one of the handsets incorrect but the PIN needed for me to accept the phones was wrong.
    I had to ring eMobile AGAIN and sort it out over the phone which took over 30 mins.
    Today I'm told it will be at least a week before my other handset can be delivered as the system will take 5 days to receive the phone back into stock and when that does eventually happen, I will then have to set up an account again.
    What is weird is that the driver could tell me the name of the sales agent I was dealing with as they had been responsible for most of the similar mistakes he had come across. That begs the question is this particular sales agent just thick or have they been trained by circus monkeys???