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The Executioner



  • MOD: Hey folks, it seems that we may be drifting away from discussing the particulars associated with The Executioner. If you wish to open a new thread to discuss capital punishment, its associated crimes, and alternatives to the death sentence, that would be welcome. Thanks.

  • Sorry Black Swan. Its a tough topic not to stray on as I believe there are many angles with which to approach the question of morality of being or asking someone to be the executioner.

    I think the posts by Torakx and The Mustard in relation to Albert Pierrepoint's possible justification of his work might be the closest to justifying it in its current form. That the sentence was handed down by someone else, it will be carried out regardless. And even though the executioner is the hand carrying out the act if they are doing so to ensure it is done correctly and efficiently to minimise as much as possible the suffering of the condemned who has no hope of a reprieve then it may be seen not as an act of violence but an act of compassion.

  • What sort of uniform could the executioner wear? Black? Red? Something with a skull? Would this change how he feels about his task?

  • I'd say as long as it covers the face. For the most part, they might not care.
    But with the general population in mind, a symbolic representation of death might do the trick to instill or uphold fear of the state and its authority.
    Having public executions I think were a way to remind the public of who is in control.