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I haven't played in a while and I have a few questions if you guys could help me out.

  • 14-07-2014 12:08pm
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    I had to take 2+ years out as I needed to pay for other urgent things, but I'm back and able to play again but I have questions if you guys could help me.

    1: My guns fire selector has snapped off, I don't really want to repair it myself and "Main Irish Airsoft" is right down the road from me so I was just going to give it to them. Has anybody ever had any bad experiences with them repairing your stuff? or could yous recommended anybody better/closer that could repair it?

    2: Could anybody recommend any decent sites near me? I live in ashtown. I played in Rathbeggan lakes a bit in the past, I sent them a mail but they haven't replied. Does anybody know if their still open/popular?

    3: Is their anything else I should be aware off? Has anything changed in the past 2 years? new rules or anything I need to know?