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MSc. Cloud Computing CIT

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    Can anyone who has completed this course can give some feedback on their experience?
    From a career perspective how beneficial was the qualification?
    How many hours a week are required to complete coursework?
    What electives would people recommend from experience?

    All feedback is much appreciated. I'm considering enrolling but will have to finance myself so want to be sure it will have long term benefits that will justify the expensive costs involved


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    I'm also interested in this, any feedback would be great.

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    I got a new job from it (already worked in the industry but got into a more technical role). I know at least 3 others who directly got work from it aswell. Many people on it are fairly established in the industry anyway.

    It does take a lot of work - nearly killed me but I enjoyed it a lot if that makes sense..At some points I was putting in 2 am stints most nights.

    The electives you can take will depend on whether you have a programming background.

    Its very practical with lots of hands on work. I'd recommend doing this course if you want to work in this space/ expand your knowledge.

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    Thanks for the response Southernstar, great to get some feedback on this. I am coming from a sysadmin/telecoms role where I am very much a Jack of all trades, master of none engineer. I am hoping to move into this field so having completed a VCP & CCNA i thought this would be a good step to take to help me progress. Since I am not established in the industry would you say I would struggle more so than others who undertake the course (I dont have a programming background so will be looking to take the scripting elective)? Are there students from all varying types of background or is it primarily composed of people in the cloud sector looking to advance?

    You mentioned that a lot of the course is very hands on. Would it be safe to say that upon completion students are primed to slot straight into a role in the industry straight away or can someone like myself expect a hard time considering I have no actual experience in the industry as of yet?

    Any information/feedback that you can provide is very much appreciated. I'll be financing this myself so just want to be sure of everything but for I make a commitment.

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    It seems to help open doors - and you'll understand what people are talking about more so its a good foundation (well I did anyay! One of the guys I referred to was a sysadmin whos intention was to become a specialist in a particular area after the course - he achieved this objective. You can focus on areas you are interested in in most of the modules, and look in-depth at a particular area in the thesis.

    By hands on I mean you are designing and deploying datacentres - hardware (vendor agnostic theory but the physical kit is EMC and Cisco) and software (VMware). They have a dedicated vCloud Director-based datacenter on the model farm road. They cover different types of data analytics (including Hadoop - you can play around with this too), Legal stuff, security etc. The virtualization, networking and storage modules are good - you have to figure how it all fits together, researching things for yourself. You have to understand the detail around exactly how protocols work, and researching stuff like emerging storage architectures, network virtualization and automation.

    The background of people on the course varies. If you have some knowledge of the fundamentals, are interested and put the work in you should be fine doing this.

    By the way the scripting was the hardest part of the course...

    The online lectures really work too - I watched part of one of them about 4 times to really understand something that was being whiteboarded.

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    Thanks for the comprehensive response. I think that just about covers every question I had. Very much appreciated, cheers

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    No worries.

    Feel free to pm me if any more questions.

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    I'm resurrecting this thread in the hope that someone who has done this masters course will get back to me. I'm just wondering if anyone has any of the textbooks available to sell? I doubt the literature has changed much considering the version of some of the books are dated 2010, Cloud Strategy etc.

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    just to re-visit this, I completed this MSc in May 2020 and it's interesting to read (again) the feedback from southernstar. Naturally, some of the content has changed over time but overall I thought the course was quite outdated. It focused a lot on virtualisation and data centre storage (yes, I'm aware that VMware was involved in the designing of this course originally) and it lacked more modern advances in cloud technology such as containerisation/orchestration etc. I believe they did re-design some of the course to include these topics in 2019, too late for me but hopefully, it will help future grads. The online delivery method worked very well and to be honest once the pandemic lockdown kicked in we were not really affected because we were accustomed to remote learning and online delivery anyway. The technical side of things such as setting up and maintaining accounts on VM equipment and EMC storage devices etc worked effectively too. Things got very busy at times but that's expected with a Masters and overall I suppose it broadened my horizons and hopefully going forward it will help to open doors for me (I was already in employment before doing the Masters).

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