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New blog & user group page for QGIS users in Ireland

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    I recently started a blog, IeQGIS, for QGIS users in Ireland, the free open source GIS (Google: IeQGIS).

    I decided to start the blog after attending an excellent QGIS training course run by Dr George Smith of Blackthorn Ecology last April - Intro to Ecological Mapping with Open Source GIS. While I am quite experienced in QGIS, I was there covering for a colleague who missed the second day of the two day course.

    The course was well attended, and included some folks who travelled all the way from the UK. It certainly shows the interest in QGIS is increasing rapidly.

    I hope the blog will provide a valuable forum for users of QGIS where they can read the latest QGIS news, hear about training events and share their experiences and tips using QGIS and related open source GIS software.