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In The Playpen - iamanengine (hooray)



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    Do you love Black Francis? Give reasons for your answer.

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    Do you love Black Francis? Give reasons for your answer.

    Ok so, tough question, this could be a long answer. :P

    I LOVE the Pixies, they are so god damn awesome. Doolittle is one of my all time favourite albums and Surfer Rosa is epic in its own right too. Gunna be seeing them along with Arcade Fire and I am insanely excited! Can you imagine seeing the likes of Debaser, Gouge Away, Bone Machine?! It's gunna be insane!!!

    But that said, Black Francis seems like kind of a d*ck. I always get he vibe that he never wanted any of the others in the band to get vocals. Like Kim had Gigantic which is epic and even the drummer had La La Love You which is a good tune. The fact that Kim didn't come back for the reunion tour kind of seems like there is bitterness there. But that might have nothing to do with Black Francis I guess.

    And I heard that the Kim that replaced Kim Deal was kicked out of the band because she stage dived?!? It's like he thinks hes too cool for that, or at least The Pixies are too cool for that.

    Of course I could be totally wrong here and maybe none of that stuff was to do with him but that's the vibe I get. Forget who said it but one of the members said that being in the Pixies was more like a business then a band.

    So I hope that, vaguely answers your question.

    In short, I love his music, all the other stuff kind of leaves a bitter taste in my mouth towards him but I don't let it affect the music which is the main thin anyways :D

    Now, I'm gunna go listen to a sh*t tonne of Pixies :D:D:D

    Edit - Now that I think of it, he was a major d*ck! I forgot, after Doolittle he basically took over the band and gave no one else like any input, even though Kim Deal is AWESOME. Hon the Breeders!!

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