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Any girls out there in the same boat?

  • 11-04-2014 11:14pm
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    Hello all! I'm a 27 yr old girl who's home after being away for a year. I'm writing this on a Friday night, which I have spent, yet again, at home :( Before I went traveling, I always had someone to go out and have a laugh with. But since I've came home, all of my friends have bf's, have gone traveling themselves or are broke. So it's rare that I get to go out. And I hate sitting at home, feeling like I'm missing out on all the fun ;) Just wondering if there are any other girls out there like me (or who do go out at the mo and want to take pity on me ;) )? If so, send me a message and we may not have to sit at home on a fri night anymore! I'm really easy going; always up for a laugh and I'm down for whatever - I love going out anywhere in town (faves are workmans, whelans - ya know, places with well dressed boys ;) ).


  • Registered Users Posts: 7 Peckles

    P.s. Mod, I know this thread isn't supposed to be here, but I wasn't allowed to post in the other forum. Hope it won't be deleted :(

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    As you can see from the charter, unfortunately we don't allow friendship requests. You can, however, PM myself or any other tLL mod for access to the private forum. Details for posters with less than 100 posts are in the charter :)


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