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Charter: PC Gaming (Updated 26/06/15)

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    Welcome to the PC Gaming Forum.

    Like most Forums, standard rules apply.
    • NO Trolling.
    • NO Flaming.
    • NO Spamming.
    • NO Pornography.
    • NO Shilling OR Advertising (Use
    • NO Back-Seat Modding or arguing with a Moderator.
    • NO Discussion on how to bypass regional restrictions.
    • NO Discussion regarding Warez, Cracks, Hacks, Viri or other dodgy material.
    • NO Discussion on using fake addresses to fool sites into getting cheaper games.
    1. If you have a problem with another Poster, or the content of a particular Post, use the "Report Post" button.
      Do NOT take on a Poster in-thread, as this makes you guilty of also disturbing the peace. You can report their posts, or take the matter to private message (PM).
    2. If you have a problem with a Moderator, or a Moderators decision (such as an Infraction or Ban) - Take the time to PM the Moderator (or a co-Moderator) and discuss the issue. If you are not happy with the outcome, or you receive no response, head to the Dispute Resolution Forum.
      Do NOT argue with a Moderator (or question a Mods decision) in-thread - that is not the place, thus leads to derailment or off-topic posts.
    3. PCG is a public forum on a public site, thus it should be welcoming (not alienating) to potential visitors regardless of whether they are a PC Gamer or not, especially as it is tied to other non-PC gaming forums and does not have total control of the content or visitors of which may join, or be sent from, other places. With that in mind, we'd like to encourage restraint in terms of using hackneyed terms such as "Master Race". While it won't be censored, anyone who feels such use is being done inappropriately or has a negative impact on a discussion to please use the report function and our friendly Mods will take a look.

    Above is an outline of basic common-sense - It does not mean anything outside of that list is automatically safe.

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