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    Hay guys, I was wondering. Has any body else ever bought a diy kit guitar, from the
    Ive just finish building my second kit guitar and have to admit, it was great fun & a great way of learning the ins & outs of electric guitars. I've been playing and working on guitars for around 30 years now and I was surprised to find a company here in Ireland supplying these quality guitar kits. The company is based in Dublin, the specialize in musical equipment That's of good quality and value for money. The kits have everything included, and are very simple to assemble. I've just finished my second kit, it's a hollow body jazz guitar. I'll post a link below of my guitar, bear in mind my is left handed. But they specialize in right handed musical instruments. I'm very happy with the guitar, it looks great & plays very well indeed. I built a telecaster first & was able to customize it to my own style, that's the beauty of these kits, there not painted, there's on headstock logo, so your free to do it your way. So if your interested or have bought one of the kits from I'd love to here from you, rock on!!


  • I've just finished my hollow body jazz guitar I bought from
    And I attached some photos below to give you an idea of what you can do with these guitars, have fun!