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PSNI Recruitment - Stage 4.5 - The Wait



  • I'm not sure if you can defer it, but do not turn down this opportunity if you cannot defer it! Are you in a position where you can tell your boss what your new job will be?

  • No i wont be telling my boss (even tho its in a large bank) but I wont be letting the opportunity go, thats for sure :) just looking at options!!

  • Nothing stopping you saying I'll be outta here in 4 weeks. They can't stop you. It's your future you should prioritise, not theirs!

  • Nerves2016 I work for one of my mates, I've kept them informed throughout this process but have told them that realistically it will be September. I'm bricking it that I may have to go back and say August, I've organised so many events for august for the business, no one is more surprised than I am at getting this far. I'm not going to defer even if it's possible, the way I see it what would have happened if I'd won the lottery or got hit by a bus. No one is irreplaceable and life and businesses will go on, I'll do my best to get everything covered before I go but you have to put number 1 first.

  • Nerves2016 wrote: »
    In the waiting room but wondering if I do receive a call how to approach it...

    Ive a 2 month notice period in work...So is it possible to defer accepting a place in Garneville to work out notice period or do I just tell my employer I'm working a months notice, goodbye..We are underresourced so don't think boss would appreciate walking away

    Do you have any hols still due cos these are normally taken off your notice. I've 4wks notice to give but owed 2wks hols so I'll only have 2 wk 2 of the 4. Hope this helps

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  • From memory there is a question somewhere on how much notice you are required to give. I think that PSNI will take that into account. No one likes to be left in the lurch so if they specify two months then try and give them it however I wouldn't be turning the opportunity of the Police down!!! If you get offered a spot speak to your boss, with any luck they will be dead on and won't try and hold you back!

  • Hello Everyone!
    Wondering if anyone knows when or if anyone who scored 62 in the latest campaign would or could start the vetting process etc.. I know a few people from the 2013 campaign who've just got offered places in Garnerville. Its so frustrating not knowing! thanks!

  • Robyn O wrote: »
    Hello Everyone!
    Wondering if anyone knows when or if anyone who scored 62 in the latest campaign would or could start the vetting process etc.. I know a few people from the 2013 campaign who've just got offered places in Garnerville. Its so frustrating not knowing! thanks!

    Which campaign - 1405 or 1509?

  • 1509

  • Robyn O, are the people you know who got offered places from 1405 campaign?

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  • Anyone still waiting have a feeling about tomorrow? Can't put my finger on it but there's a tingle in these old bones.

  • Does anyone know if they are still going by AC score in receiving a call?

  • I reckon at this stage those of us left from 1405 are just making up the numbers.

  • They would need to get a move on and start letting people know if that's the case.

  • Stay positive folks...if not this month, its another 4 weeks wait to calls again!! If I don't get called next month, then i'll resign to the fact, its game over.....

    But the Medical staff were saying they aren't putting you through the medicals if they didn't think they had someone to recruit due to the high cost of it.....they all seemed fairly positive with the exception of the medical and vetting (SMI) clearing, it is pretty much a waiting game!!! 1405 campaign members - we have all waited/been tormented long enough, hold tight for a few weeks if not this week - it will all work out in the end!!!!

  • Very true Nerves.
    Suppose positively is the only way to look at it until the day comes. Or else we are all going to send ourselves mad

  • Yea definitely! But does make sense because we haven't been processed in order either just all at one go!

  • Oh the wait really is a pain in the only waiting about 3/4 weeks now, but it feels like a lifetime....imagine some people who waited months for calls!!!

    Hoping they start making calls again next Thursday or Friday (20th/21st)..............

  • Here here!! Think it might be the next two weeks after that date so like from the 26th/27th. Hopefully it's our time!

  • Here here!! I think it might be in the next 2 weeks after those dates so like the 26th/27th! Everything's crossed!

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  • Have my medical on Monday for the 1509 campaign. From what I have gathered by trolling through all the topics of here seems to be calls out every 5-6 weeks. So if call were made end of June I would predict calls going out if any will be middle of August.

  • If anybody gets a call in the coming weeks post it up gives us an idea when the ball is rolling again, hoping 1405 will be exhausted!!

  • Definitely PSNI - people always seem to post about them

    The last set of calls went out on the 21 June and continued to the 1 if the 4/5 week rule still applies, the next set of calls should be 28/29th July right through to the first week in August seems realistic....

    I was being optimistic with this Friday 22nd...but good feeling 1405 will be exhausted!!!

  • Hi long time lurker here. just want to share this: At a recent medical I was told by one of the medical staff that anybody that has currently passed all stages for Campaign 2 will be getting a call. Dunno how tru this is but I am hopefull

  • :) hoping that's true!

  • Is campaign 2 1509 by any chance? Have my medical to marrow morning

  • No that's 1509, 1405 is campaign 2.

  • So many rumours about calls/campaigns/intakes flying around different board topics....grrrrrrrrrr...I really think its all speculation/educated guessing..PSNI seem to release little or no information and guys in testing, only seem to guess a lot too.....

    The wait truly is worst experience.........better knowing whether passed a stage than waiting

    Either tomorrow (22nd), next Friday (29th) or Friday (5th), i've feeling i'll be put out of my miserable either way shortly :)

  • yea I'm being positive!! We should hear something soon!!

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  • No calls today then?