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Subject Choice for Teaching



  • My bad it is a subject in the 5th strand. Think I was confused as we were left confused on our JCT introduction day - there was a big debate amongst staff if it continued to be counted as an exam subject Or not as it's currently compulsory in the school

    Religion does not come under Wellbeing. It is still a stand alone subject. And presumably will continue to be offered as exam/non exam basis. However with the cut to the number of subjects a student can take for JC, I can see exam Religion dying a very quick death.

    We had it for a few years and when the subject limit came it our former principal wanted to keep it in a list of mandatory subjects along with English, Irish, Maths and parents went mental that their kids would lose out on studying another subject for JC because of it, so it was very swiftly removed.

  • chippers wrote: »
    Not entirely true. I did Economics in my degree. As well as teaching Economics I can teach Business Studies to Junior Cert Level. I'm not qualified to teach Business at Leaving Cert level

    I was told also by the TC that the principal/BOM have total control over what teacher teaches what subject. I know plenty of teachers teaching core subjects to leaving cert higher and they don't even have that subject in their degree! Explained this to the TC but was told that was something you take up with the principal/BOM!! They don't control it.