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Direct your own horror movie?



  • It's hard to fail to appreciate the Great George C. :)

  • Budget stuff I had to have for a potential investor then retrofitted for crowdfunding:

    The average of USA min.Wage and Australian min.Wage is about $11 per hr. People should get for a film what they can earn at KFC or pulling taps at a pub.

    2 male leads and 3 female leads plus one monster and a secondary pivotal character role = 7 roles @ $11

    Usind a Coscarelli/Will Castle/Romero 1968/Corman/Coffin Joe schedule, one can assume 500 hrs of combined work for the main cast. $5ooo USD or AUSD.

    storyboarding is a $250,000 per anmum job in Hollywood so the storyboard artist gets paid too, or the director gets paid for this work if he/she does them (unless they provide boring as batsh1t Daria talking heads and simple 2 shot crap then they get nothing for being indolent and untalented). This work for a visually rich horror film vs. slackersh1te is about 30 frames per day (more if detail is paltry and mood is missing). A 90 minute film can expect around 630 frames/screens minimum so $2400.

    700 hrs for the director = $7700

    We are now at over $15000.

    Patrick Woodroffe / Drew Struzan style poster / DVD cover = $2000 (as per the docco on how Hammer sold their horror and sci fi films ; the posters were used for the purposes of pre sale to get the budget 4 the film's production).

    We are now at 17k.

    Decent script= @ least $1000 for a 30 minute or less film. $3000 min for 90 minute film. We'll say $2k.

    Editing : if 1960s precepts of "get it in one" are used then editing can be 200 hrs or less so $2200.

    Junkyard Dog making sure every vain iPhone bunny gets off his/her twitterfeed and gets back on set ready to get the shot and get her line right, and stop other cheddar-dongs from taking advantage of the hard workers making the film, $900.

    Low level prosthetic make up and SFX type costumes if necessary = $2000

    We are above $24k for those integral things before aught else.

    Oh wait - it just took me 2 hrs to compose and edit and post this, so add $22! *light hearted chuckle*