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Foam blocks/insert for pistol cases?

  • 31-01-2014 10:51am
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    Sorry if this is answered already... does anyone know where to get foam inserts cut for a pistol case?

    Does anyone cut inserts to match (I have a case already), can I buy pre-scored blocks and cut them myself, or just go to a furniture shop and get them to cut some sheets of foam padding?

    Looking for a low cost solution, it's not like I need to protect something worth thousands or fly with it :) Suggestions?


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    Got it. Gatling is on the ball this morning.

    A bit expensive, but there's enough in a kit to do two cases, so I think I'll go for it.

    The power of boards...

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    Not the greatest looking result, but functional enough for the price. I was very lucky that the foam provided was exactly twice the width of the box, so I was able to do two boxes with one 5-piece kit and have some left over.

    That case doesn't have room for the magazines, which are quite substantial, but it didn't cost me anything so I can live with that.


    Ain't I lucky I don't need a licence for that MP9? *


    Anyway, this Pick 'n' Pluck product might be useful for someone else if they're not too worried about appearances. Thanks for the info.

    * Airsoft :)