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This is madness... NO THIS IS JIGSAAAAAW

  • 20-12-2013 3:11pm
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    So some time ago I took a very old jigsaw to Malta with me on holiday and forgot the box. I wrote about that here:

    I've done a couple more since but now I'm taking on a daddy of a jigsaw.

    Yesterday I set up the space and the dimensions (which you can see as "where the pieces are"... thats how big it will be 1.5m x 1m).

    Its a 4000 piece monster (though there are even bigger ones!) and I thought I'd write a journal if its progress here :)

    Right now, I'm turning over pieces (which is taking WAAAY longer than I thought it would!) and finding the edges (ditto).

    I have a horrible feeling that I've bitten off way more than I can chew here but I always get that feeling at the start of some endeavor...

    Jigsaws let my mind wander a bit and make me philosophical. Its a sort of meditation I guess, with small bursts of dopamine every time you place a piece!


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    Did this get finished?

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    So, I have it about 3/4's finished when I bought myself a wood turning lathe and my OcdAutispburrrrrgers kicked in and now I have like 50 pieces of wood and am up to my armpits in bowls and chair legs and sh*t.

    I have yet to finish the sea and that's probably why I haven't been attracted back to it but I need the room back cos its my home gym too and I need to train more at home.

    The answer is no. :)

    (but I will.... right after I finish this wooden vase).