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Weight difference between paused bench press and touch and go

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    Just wondering if anyone could give me a ball park figure for the difference between their 'normal' bench press weight and their paused reps weight. I find a very big difference between my normal squats and paused reps. I just want to know as a point of reference more than anything, I always though I had a poor bench press but I'm starting to think I may have a relatively high deadlift, which could be throwing me off. I imagine I will get a lot of 'just find out for yourself/every bodies different' kind of answers so I'll try and avoid this by saying I'm pretty tight with my programming and it will mess my plans up more than it's worth by trying it, when I can just get a ball park figure here, as well as the fact that I presume I would be selling myself a few kg short since I've never tried it before.