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Colemans Horror Journal

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 14,912 Liam McPoyle

    Tenement : Game of Survival
    Low budget 80s exploitation / sleaze fest. Its a home invasion type movie, gang of miscreants terrorise the residents of a Bronx slum over the course of a night. Its got all the cliches, the interracial gang of thugs, the reluctant hero, the terrible soundtrack and garish looking blood. I have to say though, for all that, I kind of enjoyed it. Some nice nasty scenes in it, it zips along at a grand pace and I found myself hoping a couple of the annoying "goodies" got wasted.

    If you are looking for a masterclass in film making then avoid like the plague, if you want something crappy and fun then grab a couple of beers and a pizza and get stuck into this.