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Hidden Gems... or what?



  • Subtle-stunning

  • Forgotten treasures
    Unknown beauties
    Lipped out
    Just missed the cut
    Tracks less known
    Quiet fairways
    Second ball
    Honour awaits
    Sleeping wonders
    Caddie required!
    Waiting for you
    Ground under repair
    Unexplored aces
    Lesser known fairways
    Fore warned
    Blind shots
    Get down
    Lost but not forgotten
    Waiting for you
    Hooded clubs

    or any combination of the above...poetic licence taken with some, I like Caddie required and Hooded clubs the best

  • Hideout Holes
    Secret Clubs Revealed
    Secret Golfing Greats
    Great Golfing Secrets
    Golfers Hidden Secrets
    Secluded Golfing Secrets
    Courses Lost and Found
    Greens of Dreams ( The Irish Guide to Hidden Courses)

  • Sweet spots

  • "Ye know the top 100, well not them ...all the other ones"
    or else
    "different strokes"

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  • The provisionals .... Although some might think its about the IRA, once you don't call it a Gerry Adams you should be ok!

  • Rounds in the Mounds - Irish Links golf
    Faraway fairways - courses in the West?
    Rounds Out Of Bounds?
    40 Shades of Greens?

  • Dog-legs left


  • Under Hacked Beauties!

  • or maybe: "Fairways Less Travelled - Ireland's Hidden Gems"

    Thanks everyone - greatly appreciated.

    This one, definitely! What do I win!!:P

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  • Hi kevin,

    Maybe something along the lines of "missed cuts"


  • kevgaa wrote: »
    Hi kevin,

    Maybe something along the lines of "missed cuts"


    The tabloids should be keeping a close eye on this forum, plenty of talent on here, we could muster up a headline or two.

    Along your "cut" line:

    Great lies from the second cuts (i.e rough)
    Putting from the fringes - a guide to Irelands golf courses that rarely make it onto the dance floor.

  • How about : "Off the Beaten Track"

  • The Forgotten

    Missing The Cut

  • "The second cut..... Ireland's overlooked gems"

  • Sloppy seconds

  • I'm doing a series of blogs on Ireland's hidden gems (plenty of free fourballs to giveaway BTW)... but I am looking for an alternative term to 'hidden gem'.

    I'll use it if I have to but was wondering if anyone here had a snappy term that gets across the same message. And don't say precious jewel.


    Slightly obscure movie reference, and maybe more of a strap line than a blog title, but this came to my mind...

    'Hidden Gems

    Underestimated from Hole 1'

  • Emerald Gold

  • ireland's hidden golfing gems......(maybe too long)

  • Forgotten Fairways - Irish Golfs Best Kept Secrets


    Irelands Forgotten Fairways - Emeralds on the Isle

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  • Diamond In The Rough

  • Jimmii is obviously a genius. I should have read the other threads before I responded!!

  • How about "The Danii Minogue"

    Not as hot as their sibling, but you'd definitely want a go.

  • Secret Links

  • Bare Lies

    (ok that's not a great name but I couldn't resist).

  • Holy Heavens

  • Off the beaten track
    Local heroes
    Off the radar
    Undiscovered greats

  • A little off course

  • Irelands hidden treasures

    , PS the book has to include, Rathdowney, Roscrea, Mouthrath you could have a whole chapter on the M7.

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