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CBS Orders How I Met Your Dad

  • 16-11-2013 11:31pm
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    CBS on Friday ordered a pilot of the How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Dad.

    The network is calling the buzzed-about comedy project a “kindred spirit” of the original series — only this one tells the story of a relationship from a female point of view.

    CBS also notes that HIMYD will be a brand-new story with new characters (lest you think that Slutty Pumpkin was finally going to have her day in the sun.)

    UPDATE: HIMYM co-creator Carter Bays took to Twitter late Friday to clarify that, contrary to previous reports, the new project’s characters will not be introduced during the existing series’ final season.
    “This will be its own, totally new show,” he tweeted.

    Have to say I am far from enthused at this prospect


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    Actually, I would have watched a one (maybe 2) season spin off of the original from her POV, featuring the original cast in recurring cameos. It would have been an interesting experiment.

    But a new show... not a chance I'm committing to that.

    There's a few of these "other cast" spin off's coming. The Walking dead is doing the same thing. Different city, same timeframe, whole new cast.

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    Aw hell no! I can't help but watch himym just because I've stuck with it all this time, no chance I would even watch a pilot for himyd.

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    Definitely wont watch this. Hopefully it doesnt get by the pilot stage as there is no need for another one of these. Will take away from the original, Carter Bays needs a new idea.

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    HIMYD series finale spoiler
    Barney is revealed as the dad

    I can't believe Greta Gerwig took the lead role in this pilot

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    Meg Ryan will be the narrator

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    It has got a series order

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    This Is Us producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger to re write

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    Could be good with the right mix of characters and good writing. The first few seasons of HIMYM were great fun.

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    How I Met Your Father renewed for supersized season 2 at Hulu