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****MOTORS CHARTER - Read before going further****

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    Research your question. Many questions have been asked and answered many, many, many times before.

    There are separate forums for:
    Learning to Drive.
    Car Detailing
    Upgrades and Audio
    DIY Car Maintenance and Repair
    Motorhomes & Campervans.
    Classic Cars.
    4x4 & Tractors & Diggers & Plant.
    Electric Vehicles & Hybrids

    If you have a question about a problem with your car (i.e. my car won't start), please make sure you name the make / model / year of the car as accurately as you can.

    Yellow card infractions will now be given instead of on thread warnings. These infractions can be imposed for a breach of charter or if the poster is deemed by a moderator to be deliberately obnoxious, unhelpful or trolling. Six or more Yellow infractions within a six month period will earn the poster a ban, the length of this will at the moderators discretion.

    * No personal attacks on other members

    * Racist remarks will not be tolerated on this forum. Any such remarks will result in either an infraction or ban.

    * If you have an issue with moderation then PM the moderator in question. Do NOT argue the point on-thread, as this serves only to derail the thread and will result in a ban.

    * No car registrations to be mentioned without photographic proof

    * No "why do people not turn off their fog light" threads - they have been done before. Read THIS instead

    * Repeated occurrances of “that’s crap” or “you muppet” and other abusive comments in posts will result in a warning and then a good hard banning. If a moderator feels that it is warranted then a ban may apply following just one such comment.

    * Old Threads - don't resurrect old threads unnecessarily.

    * Don't quote large images in other posts. Change the tag to a tag.

    * Caps Lock - it's not that hard to turn them off!

    * No txt spk - show some respect to others reading your posts

    * Flame wars will not be tolerated

    * No Trolling

    * KEEP IT CLEAN. That means, NO links to Porn, etc., NO (or at least as little as possible) swearing – the stars are there for a reason you know!.

    * This is not After hours ..."yore ma" and "IBTL" rubbish is not welcome here

    * No advertising - if you have something to sell then use, not here! Items put up for sale will result in the advert being removed and the user getting banned.

    * Bannings will be swift.

    * Please note the post below regarding complaints

    * This is a public forum used by people with no idea what they are talking about. Don't assume the advice given is correct. Maintenance tips offered by forum members, whilst helpful, may not necessarily be correct solution, so if in doubt then contact your nearest dealer or qualified mechanic. If you do something as a result of what you read here, you agree that boards are in no way liable for anything at all - you are responsible for your own actions.

    * Opinions offered here may not be informed or objective and that there may be vested interests in the forum.

    * Back up your statements - if you make a bold statement then please provide some kind of evidence to back up what you are saying.

    * Surveys - Posting of a survey without prior approval from a Mod may result in your thread being deleted without warning.

    * Posts that encourage drivers to break the law e.g. telling people to make false motor tax declarations may result in either an infraction or a banning.
    Similar punishment will be awarded to those who request such advice.

    * The primary language of is English, except in the language-specific forums.

    The primary language of the Motoring forum, and all subforums, is English. If you are posting in a language other than English you MUST provide a complete and accurate translation of the text in English.

    * It will be assumed that anyone posting within this forum has read and agreed to these rules.

    * rules apply also.

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