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Flights within Peru


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    I don't see why you would ... are you sure your not confusing it with a return flight ?

    If you try to book on the site its 92 USD one way for an M fare.

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    SK101 wrote: »
    Hi all I am just querying if anyone has info on flights within Peru.

    I have found the following flight below

    Now that flight says 69euro but I have heard that for non Peruvians it is much dearer, closer to 120euro for the same flight.

    Can anyone tell me if the skyscanner flight is correct or will I have to fork out more money at the airport if I book this flight?

    Cheaper to book internal flights in Peru when your there. Flew from Lima to Cuzco and just went to a local travel agent and booked the flights. With a little bit of commission you get the local rate. Did one or two long haul bus journeys in Peru (12 hrs+) and it was the most painful experience of my life. your hostel/hotel can point you in the right direction for a flight. We only booked 2/3 days before the flight.