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Eircom customer care Direct Number (no waiting)

  • 18-09-2013 1:05pm
    Registered Users Posts: 160 ✭✭ KpsCowley

    This was very helpful for me,

    Direct number to Eircom customer care (no waiting): 01-7015609

    I thought that I would share this as Eircom customer care has been driving me bonkers! I managed to get this number off one of their representatives.

    To add to that: Direct line to eFiber: 01-7011538


  • Hi KpsCowley

    I am happy that you were able to get through in the end and our apologies if you experienced issues.
    Regarding the number supplied above, I would have to advised that actually there is no difference in the time customers queue for calls to eircom’s Customer Care Centres and that all calls are answered in strict rotation.
    As the number supplied in your post above has not been set up as part of the direct customer access routing, customers would actually end up being charged for the call. Calls made through correct contact numbers would be free and should be answered within the same time frame..
    Alternatively, if you wish you can post us here on and we can deal with your query.


  • That number bypasses any IVR's though, so it's a bit easier to get through on.

  • Hi roast,

    Correct you are, it does bypass the initial IVR's. I also found (may have been a fluke), but the one time I used the number an operator picked up straight away.

    I am out of the country at the moment, so am unable to confirm this.

    Also, thanks Eircom Tony for your reply.