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Tablet with full office and stylus.

  • 15-08-2013 4:09pm
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    Hi there folks.

    In the past couple of day I got a subscription to Office Pro Plus 2013 installed on to my relatively new Lenovo and its looking like a fantastic bit of software.

    I'm particularly impressed with OneNote and as I'm going in to my final year of college I reckon a tablet that is capable of running a full version of MS office and supports a decent digital pen would be a excellent piece of kit.

    So to tick all these boxes what are my options? The MS surface pro is an obvious runner but are there any others? Also I think that a new model MS surface Pro is being release on the market soon, would it be advisable to wait for it?



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    I'm eyeing the Asus Vivotab tf810c. It's has a slightly larger screen than the Surface Pro, includes a dockable keyboard which extends the battery and has a digitized screen for pen use. Runs on an atom processor though, unlike the Surface Pro, which means longer battery life at the expense of power.

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    What sort of money is that Asus and where are you thinking of buying it?

    The Surface pro (included a special discount for students is) ~€800, very pricey.
    I've only recently bought a thinkpad E350 which has a i3 3110 chip and thats more than enough computing power for my needs.

    If that Asus has enough power to run Win8/Office 2013 it would meet my needs.

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    It's around 650 on amazon with the keyboard.

    The asus vivotab smart 400c is another atom processor windows 8 tablet, and it's only 400euro, but it has no pen support and no keyboard included.

    Maybe look into the Hp envy x2 which I think supports pens.