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Over 1.5 goals and the draw

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    I've put a little bit of reserch into this and I'm going to use it as my challenge for this season . I'm concentrating on the English championship league my starting bank is €50 and I'm going to increase the stake weekly with any profits . So today there are 10 x 3oc kick offs in the championship , €5 stake on each match consisting of €3.50 on over 1.5 goals at an average of 1/3 , and €1.50 on the draw at an average of 12/5 . My ideal scenario is to find pleanty of score draws , a 0-0 draw and just the overs comming in I have a slight loss and a 1-0 win is the only result that I lose my full stake .... Lets see how long I can keep this one running for ......