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    Does anyone know if Upc are throttling streaming as in upload and download from TwitchTv. I have firepower 120 meg alot of the time i cant watch ppl streaming in 720p and there setting would be around 3000 bit rate which is not high at all. Same when i start recording 720p around 2500/3000 bitrate .. The server upload test runs fine but after a while it get’s framy for ppl watching i lose viewers because of this. Local test recording upto 1080p 30 fps is fine. Tried lower setting for streaming down to 320p 25 fps 1000/1500 bitrate same. Tried lowering the quality setting also in Xsplit to veryfast and so on. Latest drivers/firmware for everything i use xsplit ver 1.2.1303.0101 1.2 tried the bata ver that's even worse. Pc specs Below

    AMD FX 8-Core Processor Black Edition 8350 running at 4.5 gig
    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX/GEN3 R2.0
    CRUCIAL Ballistix 16 Gig
    Nvidia ASUS gtx 650 Ti boost 2 gig
    AVERMEDIA Live Gamer HD C985
    ROCCAT™ Kone Pure Gaming mouse
    RAZER Lycosa Gaming keyboard
    CREATIVE Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage Headset
    1080p Monitors x2
    HDD storage over 1TB
    win7 64 bit