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Tooheys Extra Dry in Ireland

  • 08-07-2013 5:39pm
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    I need some help here. I have some relatives coming home to Ireland from Australia in a couple of weeks. When I've been down under visiting they drink Tooheys Extra Dry (Green Label) and I was looking to get some in for them while they are here. My problem is I can only find the Tooheys Extra Dry Premium (Black Label) for sale in Dublin. Does anyone know if there is much difference in the two beers and could someone tell me where I might be able to get the Green Label Tooheys in Ireland or online delivery to Ireland.



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    Maybe they're tired of Aussie beer - get them some Irish beer.
    O' Hara's, Dungarvan, Trouble brewing, 8 Degrees are all widely available.

    If I go abroad, the last thing I want to be given is Guinness!

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    Thanks for the reply

    I have plans to get a selection of some Irish beer but I also wanted to get some of what they are used too. Some might try new things but some might appreciate me going to the trouble of getting them some beer they like from home.


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    Haven't seen Tooheys but Coopers is available from Drinkstore.

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    I have an update. I've been told McHughs off-licence at the Artane Roundabout in Dublin sells Tooheys Extra Dry (Green Label) at roughly €2 a bottle. I'm going to check that out tomorrow. Will post my findings.


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    Anywhere down south sell this ?

    If not, anybody reccomend a good website to buy it from ?

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