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Moved to NI. Few questions before I get started... (License)

  • 05-07-2013 9:08am
    Registered Users Posts: 26 ✭✭✭ zOlt


    Just moved to NI. Wanted to get a motorcycle license back home (Dublin) for a while now, but was way too busy with school/work. Anyways, now is a perfect chance to get it rolling. So, basically I want to know what is the process... From what I understand so far:

    1) Live here for 6 months (To be considered resident? Or can I go do the test now. I JUST go the NI Number...)
    2) Take theory test
    3) Train for 6 months (Minimum time...?) (Clock mandatory lessons and take a "skill" test afterwards, which I assume is done where you took the lessons)
    4) Take practical exam (After you pass the skill test)
    5) Pass the exam for full license (Must wear "R-plate" and cant exceed 45 mph... for a year) - Would this allow me to drive down south or its a no no?, as i don't believe "R" plates are recognised in ROI...

    Would this be correct?
    And me being a 25 y/o, without having a car or any other license, restrict me from getting, say, 250cc or 300cc bike?