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Comparing battery capacity

  • 27-06-2013 1:27pm
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    I'm in the market for a tablet, and I'm by no means a tech noob, there is one aspect of a tablet I'm not quite certain how to judge.

    Can someone tell me, which is more important for battery life: the battery's mAh capacity or Wh capacity?

    I know most manufacturers give mAh, but that could just be because it suits them to.

    The tablet I want to get is the Toshiba Excite Pro, but Toshiba says the mAh is only around 4500 (ridiculously small compared to other tablets), but that it has a capacity of 33 Wh (which compares favourably with others, like the 22.2 Xperia Z).

    I know how to convert between the two, and I also know tablets usually seem to have a voltage of 3.7, but Toshiba insist this one has a voltage of over 7, and that's why the mAh capacity is so low. But Toshiba Germany says it has a two-cell battery, so it's possible someone got mixed up, and it actually does have a 3.7 V battery (meaning the mAh capacity is around 9000mAh, and then it compares favourably on all fronts).

    Long story short, I never trust manufacturer claims of "use for up to X hours", so I prefer to just know how good the battery itself is. But now I don't know how to compare. Should I realistically be looking for a higher Wh, or mAh?


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    There's a site called phone arena that gives independant reviews on tablets (and other tech). Also includes peoples reviews. I find their battery life figures to be honest. And about right( compared to what the manufacturers say.)

    I couldn't comment on the battery specs though, and it also depends on the kind of hardware/screen in the tablet for how long the battery will actually last for.