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Sea Surface Temperature

  • 05-06-2013 9:20am
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    After sunny weather, like what we have had in the last few days I always check to see what the sea surface temperatures are like around Ireland. And what place might be best to take a dip!
    In the image below you can see that clew bay seems to have warmed up quite a bit already at the surface. This isn't surprising since mayo was the warmest place over the last few days and clew bay is shallow.


    But how accurate would this data be? Its always interesting to watch the colours change rapidly after a few days of good sunshine.

    Link to site:


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    I'd not be in any rush! The prolonged wintery temps means the sea is cooler than usual and of course it not at its warmest (least cold) until September anyway.

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    There were a couple of people that had to be rescued near cliffs in Tramore last week due to cramps caused by cold water. I'd give it another month!

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    Try going to a river or lake. They warm up faster in sunny weather than the sea. The water should be nice to swim in at the weekend.

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    went swimming in rosses point today and sea was over 14c id say due to warm sand being gushed over by inrushing tide

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    The effect of the water running over the warm sand makes a huge difference. I swam in Old head, in clew bay last weekend. It was quite calm & warm, probably 14c too.
    Then I swam in the open sea at carrownisky outside clew bay, it was freezing in comparison. Now it was windier there too so that makes a difference when you get out!

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    Looking for a real good North Atlantic surface sea temperature animation map that goes back to 1996 to presant day?