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Psychic Development Course

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    Hi I was just wondering if anybody has completed a psychic development course in Dublin and just curious as to what you thought about it, I know theres a few mediums running them now and ones due to start in 3 weeks that I'm considering.

    I wouldnt be the type that already has really strong psychic skills but would definitely consider myself an empath from things I've read online or seen on vlogs. I have an intuition about alot of things, I know most people do but still, have deja vu alot. I'm currently training myself to see Aura's, I can see them but only until I blink so need to train more than that.

    I do feel compelled to develop my abilities more to see if theres someone else there for me to work on, I've had few readings in the past and each time I've been told I had some kind of abilities and that I was a natural healer.

    Well if anyones done one of the courses I'd be delighted to hear back from you thanks.